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CUI offers a variety of interdisciplinary and multi-functional services that pertain to urban infrastructure, including technical and strategy consulting, conference and event organizing, expert speakers, and annual infrastructure reports. Clients include:

  • Governments (Local, Regional, State and Federal)
  • Business and Industry
  • Researchers
  • Community, Environmental and Labor Organizations
  • Any organization, individual or entity interested in quality urban infrastructure project delivery and financing

CUI takes advantage of access to the latest analytic tools to explore and evaluate infrastructure-related issues and technologies, by teaming and collaborating with the best in order to respond to specific client needs and unique project characteristics. This approach maximizes flexibility and client fit, while minimizing learning curve for each project. Though CUI is results-oriented, we recognize that process is also an integral product of any activity, and we pay attention to ensuring that all relevant voices are heard and that a diverse range of views are considered.